Promoting peace and reconciliation in relationships through biblical principles and the power of Christ.

PeaceWise legacy program

If you believe in the power of reconciliation that comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ and would like to see the ministry of PeaceWise or PeaceWise Kids continue, we’d love you to be part of the PeaceWise Legacy Program by including a bequest to PeaceWise in your Will.

Here is a sample Bequest clause that you can use to leave a gift to PeaceWise or PeaceWise Kids.

I bequeath

      the whole of my estate OR

      x percentage of my estate OR

      the sum of $x OR

      (named specific asset) OR

      the residue of my estate

to PeaceWise Ltd  ACN 125 667 067 for purposes that it shall determine, and this bequest will be free from all duties.

 The receipt of this bequest by any authorised officer of PeaceWise Ltd shall form a valid discharge to my executor

If you have any questions regarding an intended bequest to PeaceWise, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact our office on 1300 173 223 or [email protected].

We want to thank you in advance for your legacy gift to PeaceWise. Any gift you choose to give is deeply appreciated and will be used to the glory of God and for the proclamation of his gospel of peace.

(This information is not intended to be comprehensive nor does it constitute legal advice.)



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