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See the Sudanese peacemaking miracle!

Imagine the sadness of leaving the conflict in your home country of South Sudan behind, only to find that those very same tensions broke out here in Canberra, your new home.

Strained relationships carried over from the tensions of their homeland had caused the creation of two different “Dinka” language congregations in two different parishes right in Canberra – until the leaders from one congregation came to dedicated day of PeaceWise Personal Peacemaking training at St George’s Anglican Church in Pearce.

The Dinka leaders who attended the PeaceWise day gained a deepened grasp of biblical peacemaking principles, and felt convinced that they should put into these into practice in order to be reconciled with the Dinka congregation who meet on the other side of the city.

Meetings were initiated by the respective leaders. A healing of relationships included gracious concern and shared forgiveness. Through a series of conversations, there grew a shared commitment to help Christians from the Dinka community now living in this new country to be unified as God’s people – in peaceful fellowship with another.

A joint committee of Dinka leaders was formed, and after prayer, discussion and planning, there are now monthly combined services at alternate parish venues, with up to 100 adults and 120 children meeting together. This involves a combined team of teachers to care for the large group children and young people.

The leaders do not want the past strain and hurt from civil conflict in Sudan to affect the next generation of Sudanese/Dinka people here, but rather to raise children in the Christian faith within a unified, peaceable fellowship of Dinka-speaking believers within Canberra.

What an amazing work of God in the lives of these people!

What a “comeback” against the divisive work of the devil – made possible through the power of the gospel of peace!

And you too can be part of making such wonderful works happen…so please do – and especially consider if you could become a monthly giver of any amount so we can build a solid financial base for the ministry to go forward and do more work of this kind.

Please consider if you can give to support PeaceWise so that more people and communities can build healthy relationships and strong cultures of peace!

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