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A teacher in a Christian school shares …

Sheela has been a teacher at a Christian School for a number of years and held different teaching and leadership positions during that time. When asked about how peacemaking has impacted her life she told us this.

“I first came across biblical peacemaking at a Christian teacher’s conference in Tasmania in 2008. I became interested in this, as it seemed to me to be a practical outworking of my Christian faith. As I learned more about peacemaking, I found that applying peacemaking principles to conflicts in my life really helped me. Now some 7 years later I still feel like I am in “peacemaking kindergarten”! The more I learn and apply peacemaking in my life, the more I feel there is so much more to learn! Prior to becoming a peacemaker I found that often I would have a restless night when something was bothering me, but now even when things do not seem to be working out the way I think they would, I can still sleep at night because I know that God is sovereign and he has a plan and way for me through the situation.

I have also been able to teach peacemaking in the school I work at. God has given me opportunities to teach peacemaking to my students initially in the health programme and then in Christian Studies. I can attest to the fact that biblical peacemaking is a wonderfully practical tool to give to children and young people to live their life. Peacemaking helps them to live in a way that is consistent with the Christian worldview and what the Bible says. Even though I still experience conflict with different people in my personal and professional life, I feel better equipped to deal with these conflicts because I have learnt about peacemaking and realise that through these experiences I can glorify God, serve others and grow to be like Christ.”