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2016 training now open – book early for special rates!

PeaceWise training in biblical peacemaking and Christian conflict resolution – 2016

Everyone struggles with tough relationships sometimes!   When conflict comes, we need God’s help to handle things.

So, come to PeaceWise training to…

  • learn a simple but powerful framework for responding to conflict in your life and helping others deal with conflict too
  • discover gracious ways to deal with difficult people
  • be trained in how to give a truly effective apology and what genuine forgiveness looks like in practice
  • see the incredible witness potential of building a culture of peace in your community – whether church, school, workplace or otherwise
  • be inspired by the practical wisdom of the Bible and the power of the gospel to bring hope and change in the face of conflict.

The training is practical, delivered by passionate and captivating peacemakers, interactive and may just be life-changing.

Every Christian everywhere should do this training” – Rebecca, past course participant

By doing this training, you can become a better parent, minister, teacher, leader, change-agent, neighbour or friend – because we all need to learn these biblically based life- skills as we face conflict through our lives.

Training is occurring across the country, and special early bird rates are available for those who book early.

And why not bring a group along, so that you can help build a culture of peace right where you are? (AND get a great discounted rate at the same time)

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2016 PeaceWise National Training Brochure

2016 PeaceWise National Training brochure