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A new way of doing things …

PeaceWise adopts a new governance structure and welcomes new Ministry Co-ordinatorsĀ on board!

As with all living things, growth and change are part of the existence of PeaceWise and we are excited to tell you about a new way of doing things at PeaceWise. When we first started, the Board of PeaceWise was very much a working board with all Board Directors not only praying, dreaming and planning about the future of PeaceWise but also very much doing the hands-on work of PeaceWise.

As we have grown, God has broughtĀ more people to partner with us in this ministry and we are pleased to formally announce the appointment of PeaceWise Regional Ministry Co-ordinators around Australia, a Hub Ministry Co-ordinator and a National Ministry Co-ordinator to help grow the ministry of PeaceWise.

Ministry Co-ordinators will serve the ministry “on the ground”, organising and supporting training events, hubs and conciliations in their regions and allowĀ Board Directors to plan, pray and dream the future of PeaceWise.

Until we have dedicated Ministry Co-ordinators for each State and Territory, some of our Directors will also still act asĀ Regional Ministry Co-ordinator in their State or Territory. Ā  Over time we anticipate that God will progressively raise up just the right people to fill the position of Regional Ministry Co-ordinator in each of our Australian regions!

Our new Regional Co-ordinators areĀ Bronwynne Greenway for Qld andĀ Helene van Ruth for SA.

Bronwynne is a long time PeaceWise supporter, trainer and conciliator and we are so very pleased to have her join us formally as the Qld Regional Ministry Co-ordinator.

Helene has faithfully served as PeaceWise Director of SA for a number of years and has felt that she could use her gifts, talents and passion for PeaceWise more fully as Regional Ministry Co-ordinator. We are very thankful to God for Helene’s contribution on the Board and look forward to her on-going contribution as Regional Ministry Co-ordinator in SA.

Jackie East is our new Ministry Co-ordinator for Hubs.Ā Jackie is also a wonderfully passionate peacemaker. SheĀ will be supporting and serving all the hub leaders around Australia as they seek to serve peacemakers in hub meetings throughout the year.

Finally, in addition to her role as a PeaceWise Board member, Li Ai Gamble has been appointed as the new National Ministry Co-ordinator and will support all the Regional Ministry Co-ordinators and Jackie as Hub Ministry Co-ordinator.

The PeaceWise Board itself is now comprised of Jeroen Bruins (Chair), Bruce Burgess (National Director), Geoff Bateman, Elenne Ford, Li Ai Gamble and Wendy Konemann, with John Hollier acting as Company Secretary.

We believeĀ this new way of doing things at Peacewise will result in a more effective and efficient way of serving peacemakers and the wider community in Australia and also please and honour God!