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Farewell … and welcome


It is with a mixture of sadness and gladness that we say farewell to Leah Monzon, our wonderful Office manager who leaves us this month and welcome Clive Buultjens who will take over her role in PeaceWise.

Leah has served faithfully for PeaceWise for over 5 years, and even kindly came back to fill in for us back in early 2015 when we found ourselves without an Office manager. But we now say farewell to her as she and her husband Johann start the next adventure of their life together, encouraged by the wonderful news that Johann has now passed the final requirement for him to be able to practise as a palliative care doctor.   Well done Johann and thank you Leah! We will miss you!

Athough Leah is going, we are thrilled to welcome Clive to the PeaceWise family. Clive has come to us after being involved in a variety of experiences including teaching English as a second language, training in the medical science field and ministering in a local church! We thank God for Clive and all that he is. We are excited to see how God uses him for the sake of the gospel at PeaceWise. Welcome to the family Clive!