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Resolving Everyday Conflict


Resolving Everyday Conflict

It is one thing to read about conflict and warfare in some “far away place”. It is quite another to have to deal with the hurt and pain we feel when we have heated arguments or ongoing conflict with someone in our own family, a friend, work colleague or neighbour.

This book is not some academic treatise on conflict or a “pie in the sky” theoretical book denying the reality of relational breakdown, rather it is a short, readable book which walks us through everyday conflict and shows us how we can have real hope in responding to hard situations.

Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson know that we all face conflict all too often and so they outline some practical, helpful, biblical strategies on how to respond to difficult situations and difficult relationships which you can put into practice immediately.

If you are wanting some help to deal with hard relational conflicts in your own life or are trying to help someone else with theirs, pick up a copy of Resolving Everyday Conflict, read it and see how conflicts can be actually be the doorway to transforming your relationships for the better.