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New training courses!

As we mentioned last year we will be teaching two new training courses at the Personal Peacemaking level this year!

Understanding how and why conflicts occur is essential if we are to successfully resolve our conflicts with others and reconcile broken relationships. But there is just too much content in this area to be taught and received in one day!

So we have created two days of training in this level of Personal Peacemaking – Everyday Peacemaking (101) and The Heart of Peacemaking (102).

These two levels of training represent the commencement of two streams of peacemaking training.  You can choose to just do the “Everyday” stream  – Everyday Peacemaking (101) and then go onto be trained in Conflict Coaching and Mediation in just this stream or, as we highly recommend, you can undertake both days of Personal Peacemaking and then if desired go onto take the “Going Deeper” streams of Conflict Coaching and Mediation. (These other ‘going deeper’ courses will be developed and taught in 2018 and 2019 respectively, whilst this year we will continue to teach our normal Conflict Coaching and Mediation courses as usual.)

Even if you have already taken Personal Peacemaking in past years, we highly recommend that you register for the new course The Heart of Peacemaking (102). This fun, biblical, practical course goes deeper into analysing and understanding the all important questions of:

  • what actually drives our heart
  • the choices which often lead us into conflict with others
  • what the gospel of Jesus Christ has to say about this and
  • what practical steps we can take to grow and learn from our conflicts.

You will work with scenario situations and also go deeper into building a culture of peace.  You will finish the course much better equipped to deal with the challenge of tough relationships, conversations and even the battles you have with your own behaviour in responding well to others!

We’re sure that these training courses will be a great blessing to your life and relationships, to the glory of God!

“… train yourself to be godly. … but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” (1 Timothy 4:7-8)