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Last PeaceWise hubs for the year


The end of the year is fast approaching. Christmas decorations and trees are already up in many retail stores and shopping centres, and the last gatherings of PeaceWise hubs for 2017 are also happening.

Whether you are a ‘seasoned’ peacemaker, have only recently completed PeaceWise training (or even if you have never come to any PeaceWise training but would like to learn more), we invite you to come along to a hub near you and be encouraged in peacemaking.

PeaceWise hubs are just one expression of the important “one anothers” that are mentioned many times throughout the Bible.  Come and meet other peacemakers in an informal, friendly setting to learn together and pray for each other. We think you’ll love it!  (See the “one anothers” mentioned in  John 13:34-35; Romans 12:10; Romans 14:19: Galatians 5:13; James 5:16; Hebrews 3:12-13)

Most meetings happen about once a school term (although some hub groups meet more often). The latest exciting hub news is that we have two new hubs meeting in Melbourne and Brisbane and even a special hub breakfast in the Gold Coast!  Come along to one of these two new hubs and join the crew or join us for breakfast if you are in the Gold Coast area!

Here are the other upcoming hub meetings over the next few months.

7 October 2017 – Gold Coast – Special Hub Breakfast (Qld)
10 October 2017 – Melbourne Hub (Brunswick West) NEW
12 October 2017 – Covenant (Melrose – Sydney)
6 November 2017 – Rochdale (Brisbane)  NEW! 
9 November 2017 – Woodvale (Northern Suburbs- Perth)
10 November 2017 – Newcastle (Lambton)
14 November 2017 – Rehoboth (Southern Suburbs – Perth)
30 November 2017 – Covenant (Melrose – Sydney)