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What’s happening with PeaceWiseKids?

PeaceWiseKids has moved forward in leaps and bounds in the last few months!

Whilst PeaceWiseKids remains the overarching name of our Peacemaking program for children, we want to thank you for helping us decide on a new name for our high school material – PeaceWiseYouth!  This is the new name for our 3 PeaceWise courses for High School students in –  Year 7 and 8 (ready end of 2017), Year 9 & 10  (ready mid 2018) and Year 11 and 12 (ready 2019).

The other great news is that the brand new PeaceWiseKids website is up and running!   You can register your interest in finding out when the Year 7 and 8 course is ready for use.  You can also find out more about what PeaceWiseKids is and how it will benefit the children who use it to build stronger relationships, handle conflict well and learn more about God’s ways of being a peacemaker.

Another exciting development is that we are gently exploring the possibility of PeaceWiseKids being taught as part of SRE curriculum in NSW.    If this became possible, it would mean that not only would students enrolled in Christian schools, but also students taking SRE in State schools, have the chance to learn about peacemaking and the Christian values upon which this is based!   So please pray that this may come to fruition.

Will you join us in praising and thanking God for the amazing effort put in by our team of content developers and technical support? 

PeaceWise Kids is a HUGE project and we are continue to see how God provides just the right people to get the job done.

We have just commenced work on Course 6 (planned to be ready by mid 2018), and in Term 1 2018 we will be commencing work on Course 4 – for Year 5 & 6 (planned for late 2018).

We are always on the look out for people who love Jesus and children, and have skills in writing and creating lessons for children in an age appropriate and fun way.  If you are familiar with the biblical peacemaking principles which we teach, think you may be able to contribute to this wonderful project and would like to know more, please contact our Project Manager, Viv Batt  ([email protected])

If you would like to support PeaceWiseKids financially, we would greatly value your donation.

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