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The Buzz around the GlenWood hub

On the 26th of February Jane and Steve Gibbs led the first PeaceWise hub meeting at Glenwood in Sydney for 2018. The event was a great success with over thirty people coming together to connect, learn and grow in their peacemaking journey. The topic of the night was “how to handle gossip”.

“God blessed our hub meeting with wonderful attendance and thoughtful discussion on the topic of gossip.  I think we all went home sobered up about gossip and reminded to point ourselves and others to God in the midst of gossip” – Jane Gibb (hub leader)

We want to extend a big thank you Jane and Steve Gibbs for the wonderful job they are doing leading this hub. We also wanted to thank everyone who has been leading,  praying and supporting PeaceWise hubs all over Australia! Everyone’s contribution makes a real difference.

Our hubs are such an important part of the PeaceWise ministry because it’s in these meetings that we continue to encourage each other, learning and building upon our peacemaking skills.

After all we weren’t meant to journey on our own. We want to build connections, build relationships so that together we can transform our homes, our workplaces and our communities into places of true peace.

If you’re not already involved why not come along to a hub and see what all the buzz is about!


28th May Glenwood Hub – Emmanuel Baptist Church

28th June Covenant Hub – Covenant Christian School


Gold Coast

21st April Hub Breakfast – Newlife Uniting Church



21st May Hub Meeting- Brisbane Chinese Alliance Church



24th May Northern Suburbs Hub Meeting – Woodvale Baptist Church



28th  May Hub Meeting – 32 Elder Street


If you can’t make it to any of our hubs or trainings connect with us by joining our prayer list by emailing [email protected].