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Train the Trainer 2018

At the end of March, PeaceWise held a Train the Trainer event for our new trainees.The training ran over two days with the purpose of equipping those who are going to be teaching our Everyday Peacemaking course.

The event started with people sharing about themselves, their background, and their experience with PeaceWise. The group then received some input and encouragement from the board before having a chance to develop and strengthen their presentation skills. The event also allowed time for fellowship with a focus on building relationships and encouraging one another.

Our trainees come from different professional backgrounds and religious denominations. Each one brings a unique set of gifts and talents which will benefit the ministry greatly!

Although the trainees come from different backgrounds and experiences they all share a common passion for the Gospel, for biblical peacemaking and a desire to see the work of Jesus, bringing forgiveness and healing to broken relationships.

It was a blessing and a special time to have people with such passion and drive all coming together to learn, build and grow in peacemaking.

We are so excited for our new trainers! We know that God will use each one powerfully, as they impart the biblical peacemaking message in our training sessions and in their everyday lives.