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Introducing another Expert on the PeaceWiseKids Project

This month we’d like you to get to know a bit more about the amazingly talented and all round nice guy, Rob Harding.

Rob produced the first PeaceWiseKids Promo video as well as the  second video that promotes the content of PeaceWiseKids.

Rob lives on the NSW North Coast with his wife and children, and spends time each week working in Sydney – the best of both worlds!

Rob is a talented video producer, working with such people as Colin Buchanan, through his company Good Monsters. Spot the references to PeaceWieKids in his showreel video!

He is also one of Australia’s finest voiceover artists. You can find out more about Rob by visiting his website. We are sure you will be able to recognise his voice and maybe even his face.

If you purchase Course 6 (for Year 9 & 10) or Course 4 (for Year 5 & 6), (and maybe later Courses not yet developed), you will hear his voice on the motion infographic videos and may even see more of his video production.

Rob’s voice is described as ‘warm and natural’ on his presenter showreel. That pretty much describes the rest of him as well. His faith in Christ is warm and natural and so is his personality.

We are truly blessed to work with him. Apart from Rob’s crazy humour, the best thing about working with Rob is that he is, like us, is passionate about the vision of PeaceWiseKids, and wants to see it reaching many, many kids.We honour Rob and the quality he brings to the PeaceWiseKids programs.

To keep in the loop with the progress of the PeaceWiseKids project, make sure you read our regular blogs here.