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prayer for today

Dear Lord,

As we’ve read the 45 prayer requests which have already come in for this moth of prayer, our hearts are breaking as we see the depth of human suffering and relational breakdown that so many are living with.

So many requests are filled with sadness of relationships that conflict has damaged, and so many requests are for reconciliation and peace and communication and healing to occur. Lord, we beg you to be merciful and bring peace!! You are the God of all hope, and your son is the author of reconciliation who loved us so much he gave his own life for us so that we could have peace with you. Oh Lord, how we cry out to you, and how we ask you both to bring peace into our relationships with others, and also to bring greater intimacy in our relationship with you!

We also bring before you Lord the many who are struggling with serious illness, either for themselves, or for loved ones like spouses and children. Lord, for those in hospital, please, bring them home. For those with surgeries ahead, please bring good outcomes as well.

And for those praying for people to come to know you Lord, or return to you, and for this to be a breakthrough event that would also bring peace both to them and with them, we ask Lord that you would grant these precious prayers that we bring to you.

And we will not give up hope Lord, because we have seen you work miracles, and we know that you are a good, good God.

Thankyou for Jesus, thankyou for your Holy Spirit, thankyou for you, oh God,



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