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PeaceWiseKids content and curriculum manager - flexible part time - start march 2019

Continue the development of biblical peacemaking material for children – change the world!

OK, so this is not your average role and PeaceWise is not your average organisation.

We are Australia’s only national, cross-denominational biblical peacemaking ministry.

Although small in size, with God’s help we do BIG things.   For example, who would be crazy enough to dream of creating a full online and in-class biblical peacemaking curriculum for kids K-12 so that they could handle conflict and challenging relationships God’s way?   We would!   And we are!!

This role will both challenge and reward you to the max, as you continue the amazing development of PeaceWiseKids. This is our multi-year project to develop biblical peacemaking material for children so that they may become peacemakers for life, and in the process learn how deeply the God of Peace loves them.

Continue PeaceWiseKids for the younger primary years

You won’t be starting from a standing start, as we’ve been working on the project already for three years, from concept development, pilot programme to technology scoping, course framework, content creation and product launch.   Right now, the courses for Years 7-10 are already live and being used all over the country, including in schools and for SRE, and the first primary school content (for Years 5-6) will be complete and available by end of Term 1, 2019.

Full handover from the incumbent

And that’s where you come in. Our current outstanding Content and Curriculum Manager, Viv Batt, will finish with the completion of the Years 5-6 material, as her experience is more with older children and we need to make sure that the new content being created is led by someone with really strong primary school experience.

You need to be able to lead, project manage and promote!

You need be experienced in creating/writing Christian course content and curriculum creation for primary school children.  You will be able to lead a team of creatives – writers, infographic artists, videographers, as well yourself! – to create the content for the new courses for K-4 as well as document this as a teachable curriculum.

The content is essentially PeaceWise’s adult biblical peacemaking material, but completely re-imagined to make it appealing for and understandable to children – games, quizzes, activities, videos etc.  It’s delivered both online and in class format, and you need to be comfortable with technology, plus effectively project managing people to achieve project outcomes on time and budget.

The role includes seeking to promote PeaceWiseKids and both reinforce and build on existing strategic relationships with key stakeholders such as schools and schooling groups and movements, SRE accreditation bodies and churches, as well as support PeaceWise in its activities to seek funding support for the ongoing development of the material.   You will be one of our key on the ground advocates and ambassadors for PeaceWiseKids!

It would be a huge advantage, though not essential, if you are already familiar with PeaceWise’s biblical peacemaking principles and training.

Working in Sydney directly with the National Director

Viv will provide you with a full and detailed handover, and you will work directly and most closely with Bruce Burgess, PeaceWise’s National Director and overall PeaceWiseKids Project Manager.

The role is based in Sydney, and we have some flexibility with working hours and days – eg. this role could potentially be mainly done within school hours, and can include a significant work from home element.

Position Description and how to apply

Here’s the full position description.

Applications will be reviewed over January with interviews at the beginning of February for a second half of March start which includes a full handover with Viv.

Online applications can be made here and close on Friday 25 January.

Maybe YOU are the very person God has in mind for this position – we look forward to hearing from you!






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