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sermons on resolving conflict

Why sermons on peacemaking?

PeaceWise loves training ministers in biblical conflict resolution!  And then they often want to preach sermons on biblical peacemaking to their congregations.

So that they can help build a positive, relational culture of peace and equip people to respond better to conflict.  Which is awesome.

Another thing is you can do is use the sermon series to encourage people to come to PeaceWise training themselves, join a hub, sign up for our monthly devotional and newsletter or purchase a resource from our store, all the better.  Or maybe invite PeaceWise to come and train in your church as a way of wrapping up the series.


What kinds of sermons and who do we thank?

The sermons below will help you to preach a series on conflict resolution at your church.  The first series is particularly suited to be preached alongside running the 8 week Resolving Everyday Conflict course in your small groups.   The second series gives two topical sermons, one on conflict at work and the other on conflict in the home.

8 week DVD video series on biblical conflict resolution

We are HUGELY thankful to Pastor Matt Hunt and Rev Jon Guyer for their generosity and passion for sharing these resources for your benefit.

Please acknowledge PeaceWise and the relevant sermon author as you teach,  and ONLY use these resources to teach in your own church, to your own local congregation, and without fee.   

So, enjoy!


Option 1: Resolving Everyday Conflict Series of Sermons

Matt Hunt (CrossLife – a Baptist Church.  Helensvale – Qld)

Session 1 – Facing the flames of conflict (Eph 4)

Session 2 – A new way of thinking (Philemon)

Session 3 – Go to Higher Ground (coming early 2018)

Session 4 – Get real about yourself (Matt 7)

Session 5 – Accepting Responsibility (2 Sam12-Psalm 51)

Session 6 – Gently Engage Others (Matt 18)

Session 7 – Get together on lasting solutions (Matt 5)

Session 8 – Overcome Evil with Good (coming early 2018)

Option 2:  Topical peacemaking sermons

John Guyer (Holy Trinity, Anglican. Wentworth Falls – NSW)

sermons on peacemaking and biblical confict resolution


Note:  The powerpoints that accompany these sermons extract clips from the 8 week Resolving Everyday Conflict small group resource.  Please ensure you have purchased that resource for your church before using those clips.

Peace @ Home

[email protected] (Transcript)

[email protected] (Powerpoint)

Peace @ Work

[email protected] (Transcript)

[email protected] (Powerpoint)


Thank you for your patience


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