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We all struggle with conflict. As Christians, we often feel discouraged or guilty sad or angry because we’re in a conflict and don’t know what to do.   Or we may be conscious that we’ve behaved badly, but don’t know how to turn the situation around.

The great news is that the Bible is full of incredible, life-changing, practical wisdom on how to respond to conflict in ways that please and honour God and at the same time help us to address material issues and restore relationships as well.

If you haven’t been to our site or used biblical peacemaking before, we strongly recommend you start by reading the Personal peacemaking principles – these are foundational to a Christian response to conflict – even if you are seeking something like the involvement of a Christian mediator to help you.

If you think you may need help from us – like conflict coaching, mediation or Christian adjudication – just click on the different options in the menu to the side for more information or start and enquiry by clicking on the button below

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