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conflict coaching

What is conflict coaching?

Conflict coaching involves one person (the coach) helping someone else prepare to deal with a conflict situation in a godly way.

It always forms part of the way PeaceWise carries out Christian mediation.  However, it can also be something that just one person requests in order to get one on one help on how they will deal with a particular conflict themselves.   This page covers that kind of conflict coaching.

In every case, conflict coaching involves talking together, normally in person.

The coach will hear the story of the person involved in the conflict.  Then they will  help them work through both the relationship issues and the material questions that need to be resolved.

The conflict coach doesn’t tell the person what to do.  Rather, the conflict coach will help them:

  • first, tell their story
  • then, examine their heart
  • whilst reflecting on God’s word and what it is calling them to do, and
  • and finally, help them make a plan for talking to the other person involved in the conflict.

The conflict coach brings hope, a supportive ear and practical suggestions on what to do.  The coach will typically assign the person being coached some work to do in between sessions.

Often, serious reflection on our own contribution to a conflict is a key part of the process.   Significantly, this may involve confession both before God and the other person.   Issues of the heart, forgiveness, trusting in God and prayerfully coming before him for help also often feature strongly.

At the same time, learning how to ‘speak the truth in love’ about the other person’s contribution with a right heart attitude and wise words is also part of the process.

Conflict coaching does not have a fixed duration.  However, unlike more general counselling, it focuses specifically on helping a person deal with a specific conflict situation or relationship.

Typically it might involve between two to six sessions of up to two hours at a time.  This is always something that the conflict coach and the person involved will discuss and agree between themselves.

What costs are involved?

PeaceWise fees:

  • case establishment fee:        $125 plus GST for individuals, $175 plus GST for organisations

Note: PeaceWise also charges a case referral fee which it takes out of the conflict coach’s fee, but which is not charged separately to the client.

Conflict coach fees:

  • vary depending on the conflict coach and the nature of case, but normally between $60 to $150 per conflict coaching  hour.

Some conflict charge GST, others do not.

Expenses: at cost – eg. travel, accommodation etc


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Get trained in Christian conflict coaching

PeaceWise offers two day mediation Conflict Coaching courses to enable you to develop skills in this area.  You must have done Personal Peacemaking training first before taking this training.

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