Promoting peace and reconciliation in relationships through biblical principles and the power of Christ.

heather clark - queensland ministry coordinator

Heather is a registered Psychologist and has worked for Brisbane Catholic Education as a Guidance Counsellor for over 20 years. She currently works across two high schools on the Gold Coast. Heather is originally from the USA, where she trained as a School Psychologist and worked in the inner-city schools before moving to Australia. Heather is married to Mitchell and they have two teenage daughters.

Heather first became involved in Peacemaking through attending conferences in the USA with Mitchell and loved the biblical teaching and relationship focus. While initially becoming interested on a professional basis, it soon became apparent that the peacemaking principles were helpful on a personal level with her marriage and extended family.

Heather has completed all the levels of training and had the opportunity to assist with some Christian mediations as part of an externship in the USA in 2011.

Heather is a member of Newlife Uniting Church at Robina and has served in various capacities there over the years.

“Working in high schools, I see conflict and the fall-out from it on a daily basis. I keep the slippery slope next to the tissue box in my office as I use it all the time. It is wonderful to be able to help young people gain the tools they need to work though conflict and ultimately become peacemakers.”


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