Promoting peace and reconciliation in relationships through biblical principles and the power of Christ.

PeaceWise hubs

What’s a hub?

PeaceWise hubs are places that people interested in biblical peacemaking can connect, share and grow.

They are informal meetings, where people can:

  • share stories of how they have used biblical peacemaking skills to resolve conflict and restore relatioships
  • pray for and encourage each other
  • practise skills learnt in PeaceWise training
  • ask questions about anything to do with Peacemaking
  • make connections with others
  • learn more about what PeaceWise is doing and how to support PeaceWise in helping people respond in redemptive and uniquely Christian ways to the challenge of conflict
  • be creative and do other things – like play inspirational songs or videos or share about books or even worship together – there’s so many options!

An important element of hubs is that participants agree to keep confidential anything that is shared at a hub meeting.

Why hubs?

People often say to us after PeaceWise training things like…

“How can I continue the journey I have begun here?”

“How can I build my peacemaking skills?

“How can I stay connected to PeaceWise and to other people passionate about or interested in peacemaking?”

“How can I have an impact as a peacemaker in my local church, workplace and community?”

The answer is “Connect with a PeaceWise HUB!”

Make a suggestion!

 If you have a…

  • suggestion of a good activity (especially if you can provide details of how to run it!)
  • question you think would be good for hubs
  • song or video you’d like to suggest we consider using in hubs or
  • anything else you think could help be a resource to hub meetings or help build hub communities, please drop us a line


Thank you for your patience


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