Promoting peace and reconciliation in relationships through biblical principles and the power of Christ.

jenny metcalfe - finance and administration officer


Jenny started with PeaceWise in 2013, after working for 20+ years in partnership with her husband John managing a small retail business.  Jenny was seeking a change that was more in-line with her Christian faith and which gave her the opportunity to use her experience within a Christian or not-for-profit organisation. PeaceWise provided this role and Jenny has put her financial and administration experience to good use, providing support across all the ministry areas.

Jenny and John have three adult children and a teenager with special needs.  They live in the lower Blue Mountains and attend Hawkesbury Valley Baptist Church where Jenny served for 6 years on the leadership team.

“I am really excited that God is moving in this area where there has been such a gap in Christian thinking.   As a leader in the local church I understand that conflict is so often the cause of multiple other problems and while we know that it needs to be reconciled quickly, this is not always possible.  I studied Biblical counselling for a semester as part of my Certificate of Theology; my main essay was on the relationship between Psychology and Christianity.  When the church turns to secular sources for answers (as it has done with psychology) it undermines the authority of the Bible and the power of Christ.”


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