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help build new adult peacemaking courses for 2017 and beyond

PeaceWise is developing new and refreshed adult peacemaking courses to help people deal with conflict

As well as developing new material for children of all ages through PeaceWiseKids, PeaceWise is committed to developing new and refreshed peacemaking courses for adults as well!

We believe that people everywhere need to learn how to handle conflict God’s way.  Some people want to learn it to give vital help for their everyday relationships – friends, family, workmates, church buddies.

And some want to go deeper and reflect and practice more seriously the skills needed to help others in conflict.

The history of PeaceWise’s training

PeaceWise’s training was originally based on the courses developed in America by Peacemaker Ministries.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve made many changes to make it:

  • more Australian
  • reflect a broader range of learning styles
  • include what we’ve learned directly and from your feedback about peacemaking and peacemaking training

Two new adult peacemaking course streams are being developed

Over the next few years, we are currently planning towards having two streams of adult peacemaking courses.  One will be at the ‘Everyday conflict’ level, and one at the ‘Going deeper’ level.  Because of this, there will be more courses available and so the courses will better cater to a range of potential learners and their needs.

We are aiming to have both an everyday level and deeper level course for each of what is currently called:

  • personal peacemaking
  • conflict coaching and
  • mediation.

We may also potentially develop additional courses which focus on particular kinds of conflict (eg. marriage, workplace, schools, churches).   But first up, we need to get the core new courses in place.

First cabs off the rank in 2017 will be the following courses (these are provisional working titles):

  • ‘Everyday Peacemaking’   (the ‘everyday conflict’ level course for the basic personal peacemaking principles)
  • ‘The Heart of Peacemaking’ (the ‘going deeper’ level course for personal peacemaking).

Of course, we will make sure the new and refreshed courses are suitably articulated with existing courses, so any training you’ve already done still has full value going forward.

You can help by giving to support the creation of these courses

So, as you might guess, rewriting our courses is a major exercise, that will involve hundreds of hours of work!

We need an initial $45,000 to help fund writers and course development for these courses, including to fund paying a minister who is keen to help in his one free day a week!

Here’s what we’ve raised so far and what’s still needed…

Amount raised for adult courses to date

Please join us and help make these wonderful new courses available faster.  This way, everyone can learn how to be a better husband, wife, parent, workmate, pastor, leader, change-agent, friend etc (you get the idea!).

Giving to course development might not seem the sexiest thing to give to, but the multiplication effect in helping people breathe grace and have healthy relationships is huge.   And you can help spread the gospel witness when Christians act as peacemakers in difficult situations.

Please give now to help build new adult peacemaking courses – and share the blessings of the gospel of peace!

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