In this training you will learn skills and process to help two or more people reconcile and address issues between them that they have not been able to resolve on their own.

This training leverages all the earlier skills you have learned through our personal peacemaking and conflict coaching courses, as you learn to help parties address both relational and material issues through a distinctively Christian mediation process.  

This includes working through Ground Rules, Opening Statements, Storytelling, Problem Identification, Exploring Options and learning what can help Lead to Agreement.

There will be extensive opportunity to practise the different parts of the Christian mediation process PeaceWise teaches, including an extended practical exercise on the second day.


Please note the following courses are ALL prerequisite courses that must be completed prior to this course. 

1. Everyday peacemaking 

2. Heart of peacemaking 

3. Everyday conflict coaching 

4. Deeper into conflict coaching 

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