Angie Conroy

Angie has been saved by grace and is thankful for that as she parents her two loud children, cares for her chocolate-coloured collie, and loves her husband of 12 years. Angie manages the content and relationships at PeaceWise and has done since returning to work after maternity leave. Before then, Angie taught Year 1 and still teaches casually at the local primary school. Angie has Bachelor of Primary Education, a Graduate Certificate in Psychology and is pursuing Clinical Psychology. Many years ago, Angie coordinated the children’s ministry at her church alongside her husband. With a passion for helping children grow and thrive in the world that God has created, Angie believes peacemaking to be a valuable life-skill that allows people of all ages to realise the peace that God has designed for them, both with him as their king, and with each other.