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Peace it together

February 2023 Conflict as opportunity?Β  Are you crazy?

December 2022 – Football, Christmas or Jesus – which can really unite us? 

November 2022 – ‘I feel…’

October 2022 – Could you forgive as much as the Queen?

September 2022 – Are you ready to explore?

August 2022 – How do I know what I know?

July 2022 – Tough to love

June 2022 – Waiting in conflict

May 2022 – The Selfitudes

April 2022 – Can Christians bring any hope to a conflict-weary world?

March 2022 – I don’t know what to do!

February 2022 – How do you find peace when facing conflict?  

December 2021 – What hope for peace when there’s so much conflict?

November 2021 – To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question, or is it?

October 2021 – “Peacemakers who sow in peace?” Why our attitude matters

September 2021 – The role of love in reconciliation

August 2021 – What does it take to be a peacemaking presence on social media?

July 2021 – Does disagreeing with someone actually cancel a relationship?

June 2021 – How big us your God?

May 2021 – Glorify God: How big is your God?

April 2021 – I hate conflict!

March 2021 – Forgiveness 12 months on… 

February 2021 – A peacemaker’s prayer of hope 

December 2020 – Is silence really golden?

November 2020 – Words. Which ones do you use? 

October 2020 – Want freedom from the stress of conflict? 

September 2020 – Lebanon logs and love

August 2020 – Kneel to stand

July 2020 – What is my response?…What is your response? 

June 2020 – Peace in the suburbs

May 2020 – Conflict as Mission

April 2020 – Special Ministry Update plus a Coronavirus β€œlove response”

March 2020 – Forgiveness as witness in the dace of unimaginable tragedy 

February 2020 – The grieving peacemaker 

December 2019 – on earth, peace!

November 2019 – Can we work it out?

October 2019 – Beyond the apology 

September 2019 – Winning the battle in fortnite and in life

August 2019 – Sowing peace in conflict and controversy

July 2019 – β€œBut peacemaking just won’t work in this situation!”

June 2019 – Rest in peace, live at peace

May 2019 – Is it time to pause?

April 2019 – The overwhelmed peacemaker 

March 2019 – The forgiveness that frees

February 2019 – The heart of the human problem

December 2018 – It’s Christmas time: anyone need help?!

November 2018 – Peacemaking takes practice

October 2018 – How do I break my silence having been hurt?

September 2018 – Fights, faults and forgiveness 

August 2018 – What would Joseph do?

July 2018 – A deeply personal story shared…

June 2018 – Even the royals…

May 2018 – Your church spilt over what?!?

April 2018 – It’s not just cricket (or good business) 

March 2018 – Do you Believe 

February 2018 – Feel like a fresh start?

September 2017 – The postal survey – a golden opportunity

July/August 2017 – How can we get along better?

May 2017 – Is forgetting more of a brain or a heart issue?

March 2017 – A little good news?

February 2017 – Where will you find peace in 2017?

December 2016 – The most amazing story ever!

November 2016 – Making peace – can it wait?

October 2016 – Brangelina and irreconcilable differences

September 2016 – Telling the truth – the great Census stuff up!

August 2016 – The Peacemaking Olympics?

July 2016 – The uncommon path – how we respond to competition and difference

June 2016 – Campaign update: Heart desires drive our behaviours!

May 2016 – Heart surgery

April 2016 – Two men and two donkeys

March 2016 – What do you say?

February 2016 – It’s a new year! Could you do with some early help? πŸ™‚

December 2015 – God’s love brings hope!

November 2015 – Syria – Why?

September 2015 -In $ we trust?

August 2015 – We all find saying sorry hard

July 2015 – Which game are you playing?

June 2015 – What is it?

May 2015 -#westandformercy

April 2015 – But I don’t want to!

March 2015 – What is God saying to you?

February 2015 – Where do you stand on forgiveness?

December 2014 – Here’s help for a peace-filled Christmas

May 2013 – Glorying in suffering, a new Chair and new training!

June 2013 – Social media wrap, Gotha at GΓ€wa, conflict help right now! 

The Peace

The Peace is our occasional newsletter which provides a helicopter view of what is happening in the ministry.

It has stories of people whose lives have been changed, ministry initiatives and projects (like hubs, the kids project, the new website and database), financial information and other items to keep you up to speed with the journey we are on together!

2012-2103 – The Peace
2012  β€“ The Peace

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