Women’s Study Kit

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This is a women’s study that digs deep into Scripture and gets to the heart of our relational struggles. You’ll be encouraged. You’ll be challenged. And most of all, you’ll see how the gospel is your hope in all of life, particularly in your relationships. This kit contains everything for a group of 10, with two free workbooks added in for those extra people wanting to join!

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Peacemaking Church Women’s Study: Living the Gospel in Relationships is an eight-week study on relationships, biblical peacemaking and the hope of the gospel.

The author, Tara Barthel, unpacks how the gospel frees Christians from a performance-based mentality with God and others. Helping women to remember anew God’s grace, and from that place of abundant love, learn how to give that same grace to others. Throughout the eight 40-minute video sessions, Tara ties the power of the gospel to the biblical and practical principles of peacemaking.
Session 1: What It Means to Live the Gospel
Session 2: The Gap between What I Believe and How I Live
Session 3: My Real Problem Is
Session 4: Real Hope for Lasting Change
Session 5: A Biblical Response to Conflict
Session 6: Repenting and Confronting
Session 7: Forgiveness and Mercy
Session 8: Relationships that Show the World Jesus

The study includes the following materials for a group of 10:

  • DVD Set: Four DVDs contain the eight video teaching sessions—each lasts about 40 minutes (plus discussion time).
  • Study Guides/Journals (10): 80-page guide provides detailed teaching points, questions for discussion/reflection, and room for taking notes during each teaching session. The Study Guide will serve as a thorough resource for reading and reflection long after the study is over. (One Study Guide is needed for each participant. For additional guides, click on: http://peacewise.org.au/product/peacemaking-church-womens-study-guidejournal-5-pack/)
  • Peacemaking Principles Brochures (10): Summaries of the biblical peacemaking materials found in Sessions 5-7. (Also sold separately.)
  • Promotional Materials: A sample promotional poster as well as a video to play during your church’s video announcement time.
  • Quick Start Guide: Walks you through the materials in the set and how to use them.


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