Promoting peace and reconciliation in relationships through biblical principles and the power of Christ.

the kinds of training we offer

level one: personal peacemaking   (1 day each)

The first step in becoming a peacemaker is to learn how to respond to conflict biblically and reconcile relationships in your own life. These seminars will help you learn to address conflict in your own life and to breathe grace into difficult situations.

Everyday Peacemaking

This first course will help you focus on what God is doing in your relationships and help you be someone who makes peace rather than fakes it or breaks it!

In this training, you will:

  • learn a simple framework for understanding and dealing with conflict
  • gain powerful peacemaking principles and relational tools
  • understand the biblical foundations of peace and reconciliation
  • discover gracious ways to deal with difficult people
  • have time to reflect upon your personal experience of conflict and peacemaking
  • learn how you can begin supporting a building a culture of peace in your community/spheres of influence
  • discover opportunities to glorify God, serve others and grow to be like Christ, even in the midst of conflict.

This level of training is suitable for all Christians as we work together to promote peacemaking in our own lives, families, workplaces, churches and communities.

Teacher PD accreditationPeaceWise intends to apply for NESA accreditation for all Everyday Peacemaking courses which take place in NSW, pending new rules that NESA is introducing. 

The Heart of Peacemaking

This second course will help you gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our relationship with God and the deeper things which drive our responses to challenging situations. It will provide an improved ability to be a peacemaker and respond well to the challenge of conflict.

In this training you will:

  • reflect upon and practise foundational principles and skills learned in Everyday Peacemaking.
  • gain a deeper understanding of the role of the human heart in more serious conflicts
  • discover a powerful tool to understand the drivers of your and others’ behaviours
  • become better equipped to respond well to challenging people and situations
  • engage further with principles of confession and forgiveness
  • more seriously explore the concept of a culture of peace and how you can support it in your community/spheres of influence

This level of training is suitable for all Christians wanting to be more deeply equipped to respond in God-pleasing ways to be a peacemaker, reconcile relationships and address conflict in their own lives.

level two: conflict coaching

The purpose of conflict coaching training is to equip you to help others resolve conflict and reconcile relationships without your direct involvement in the conflict.

Everyday Conflict Coaching (1 day)

In this training, aimed at the kinds of everyday conflicts and conversations we have with friends, family members, colleagues and neighbours, you will:

  • learn how Personal Peacemaking principles learnt in earlier courses can be used in conflict coaching
  • discover a simple 4-part process to help someone respond to a conflict they are facing
  • consider the character elements of a good conflict coach
  • explore listening skills and the role of good questions
  • learn how to gently probe deeper to explore the role of the human heart
  • see ways to use Scripture to speak to the heart
  • equip someone to have difficult conversations
  • have the opportunity to put it into practice!

Deeper into Conflict Coaching (2 days)

In this training, aimed at gaining a deeper understanding and having more opportunity to practise conflict coaching at a deeper level, you will:

  • go deeper into the various skills and principles learned in Everyday Conflict Coaching
  • be more deeply equipped to help someone have difficult conversations
  • this includes preparing them to actually talk to the person with whom they are in conflict in an honest, respectful, humble but courageous way
  • have opportunity to use yourself as a case-study to apply the principles to a real-life situation
  • have a major conflict coaching opportunity to use the simple 4-part process to help someone respond to a real conflict they are facing

level three: mediation (2 days)

Through the mediation portion of the training, you will learn skills and processes for reconciling two or more people who cannot resolve a conflict on their own. This training is provided by experienced conciliators and gives special attention to communication and problem-solving skills that are needed for effective mediation.

It also addresses some of the problems that are more frequently encountered during mediation.


advanced: reconciling marital conflict (3 days)

This training addresses the unique emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of assisting couples who are experiencing marital conflict and applies the biblical peacemaking processes of conflict coaching and mediation to help conflicted spouses address the deep issues in their marriage and to pursue reconciliation.


advanced: advanced mediation training (3 days)

This training is designed to develop your mediation skills in more difficult conflicts that may have more parties and issues, with more intensity and complexity. Time is devoted to dealing with common ‘what next?!’ dilemmas and the role plays in this training involve extended opportunity to develop your mediation skills using the distinctively biblically based framework that distinguishes this training from secular approaches.


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