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Volunteers are central to PeaceWise being able to do its peacemaking work. If you are interested in volunteering we would be honoured and deeply thankful.

Our volunteers are truly precious to us and to God, and we aim to treat you with great respect, care and professionalism.

what kinds of roles do you have?

There are many different ways to support the work God is doing in helping people learn to be peacemakers for life.

You might be gifted in or passionate about…

  • office admin
  • training admin volunteer
  • photography
  • graphic design
  • IT support
  • social media
  • stocktaking
  • bookkeeping
  • promoting the ministry
  • talking to people about PeaceWiseKids or PeaceWiseYouth
  • fundraising
  • leading a hub (or supporting a hub leader)
  • or something else!

what does volunteering with PeaceWise look like?

At PeaceWise, we have many different ways in which you can serve as a volunteer.

Some roles can be done at home with flexibility, and others will require you to be at a specific location at a specific time.

Some roles are regular and some are more casual. Some require longer periods of time commitment while others only require an hour or two of work to be completed by a certain date or on a certain day. Some involve being with people and others not at all. Some will be mentally challenging and interesting and others, routine and dare we say, even a little mundane! 

But all ultimately involve helping build peacemakers for life and spreading the blessings of gospel of peace! By being a PeaceWise volunteer, you will be ministering alongside other passionate peacemakers (although sometimes through the wonder of technology – “alongside” might actually mean across the country)! 

Through the experience we know you will not only build relationships with others – but discover and learn more about God and yourself and hopefully become a better peacemaker too!  And our commitment to you is that we will seek to serve you well as well – giving clarity of your role, good supervision and clear feedback on expectations.

If you are interested in volunteering with us in our more significant or ongoing volunteer roles, you will need to agree with our Purpose, Core Values, Statement of Faith and Relational Commitments.

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