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Peacemaking for your organisation

We can provide PeaceWise training direct to your church, school or organisation! We run training for churches, Christian schools, denominational leadership groups, para-church ministries, mission organisations, ministry teams, workplaces and many other groups.

We can also provide keynote speakers for conferences and conventions, as well as conference workshop leaders.

The advantages of a dedicated training event are:

  • greater impact on organisational culture, including opportunity to reflect on how to build a culture of peace within your particular organisation or community
  • more likelihood that the training will have both short and long term impact on both relationships within the organisation, as well as how people within it handle issues involving others
  • this is a real employer or organisational ‘value-add’ that you can provide to your staff or members, as the skills and principles learned will apply not only in the relationships within the organisation but also for broader personal relationships such as family, neighbours
  • tailored training examples, stories, role plays etc can be used relevant to your particular context
  • cost savings – dedicated training events are always cheaper per attendee than spots in national training events

Level 1 Personal Peacemaking

The purpose of personal peacemaking training is to equip you with the practical tools
and skills that will help you respond well to the challenge of conflict while deepening your
understanding of yourself, God and your relationship with others.

Level 2 Conflict Coaching

The purpose of conflict coaching training is to equip you to help others resolve conflict
and reconcile relationships without your direct involvement in the conflict.

Level 3 Mediation Training

The purpose of mediation training is to equip you to use a Christian mediation process to help reconcile two or more people who cannot resolve a conflict on their own.

what costs are involved

  • Costs for our paid courses vary depending on teaching time, numbers, the course being taught etc.
  • In all cases, costs for dedicated training participants are substantially less than if participants attended an equivalent national training event.
  • Courses are charged on a per person basis and minimum fees apply – we would be delighted to provide you with a tailored costing for your event.
  • Expenses for travel, accommodation etc are in addition to training fees.

complimentary presentation

Hope and help for handling conflict God’s way!

  • This 1 hour free presentation gives an introduction to what the Bible teaches on how to handle conflict
  • It’s suitable as a short one-off “taster”, where participants will also learn of the potential blessings of a culture of peace, as well as the further PeaceWise training options which are available to go deeper
  • The presentation will include the opportunity for participants to reflect personally on principles learnt

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