got a story we can share?

We often get questions from people wanting to know what (if any) difference learning to be a peacemaker really makes in life.

Lots of us who already believe and know that peacemaking is both true and good, also need to be encouraged to continue our peacemaking journey.

So if you have a story which would testify to how being a peacemaker has helped you honour and please God, bless and serve others and/or helped you become more like Christ, we would love to hear it!! Or if you have a story about how PeaceWiseKids/PeaceWiseYouth has impacted a child or young person in your life, we would love to hear how!

(Because a picture paints a thousand words, if you have a photo we could use as well, please send us this too!)

Confidentiality, privacy and consent are always important matters (especially when conflict is part of the story). If your story involves another person or people, telling your story will also mean telling part of their story. We ask that before you share your story with us, you respect the view of anyone else involved in your story and get their permission to share the story or keep their names/role/relationship to you completely anonymous.

We might tell your story in various contexts …. In our Peace it together e-newsletters, on our social media, or as part of our training but whatever we do, we will be in touch with you before we tell your story.

To tell us about your story just complete the form below.

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