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what is a peacemaker?

A peacemaker is someone who is equipped to bring peace to conflict, restoration to damaged relationships and the hope of Jesus in difficult situations.

We help individuals, organisations and communities learn life-changing biblical peacemaking principles and build cultures of peace.

We invite you to join us in this journey.

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training for adults

Every adult is called to learn to be a peacemaker Jesus himself calls us to this work (Matthew 5:9).

We can learn it for ourselves, and then build it into the culture and relationships within our communities.

training for young people

To teach a young person peacemaking is to literally to change the course of their lives for good. Their relationships with each other, with adults and with God will all be stronger.

Our online and in-class courses are Bible-breathed, practical, fun, professional and mapped to curriculum outcomes.

coaching and mediation

Conflict coaching gives you a one on one coach to help you plan a God-pleasing response to conflict.

Mediation helps two or more people to address relational and material issues using a Christian mediation process.


Our world needs peace.

As Christians, we can speak with grace and truth into issues of the day involving conflict and relationships.

Our goal is to contribute both hope and peace.

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