Peacemaking for Families, Ken Sande with Tom Raabe

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Peacemaking for Families: Are you struggling with conflict in your family? If so, then Peacemaking for Families was written for you. This book introduces the basic principles of biblical peacemaking and directly applies those principles to marriage, parenting, and other relationships in the family. Through solidly scriptural truths and engaging stories, Ken Sande (with Tom Raabe) offers Christ-centered hope and practical help for managing conflict in your home. Peacemaking for Families will thoroughly bless you, challenge you, and help transform your home from a battlefield to a place of peace.

One response to “Peacemaking for Families, Ken Sande with Tom Raabe”

  1. Afsoon says:

    I had to read this book for an assignment I don’t know if I would’ve picked it otherwise, thinking I’m fine with how I resolve all my conflict, thank you very much. Ken really challenged me to proactively resolve conflict to show the power and love of Christ. It really is an amazing witness to fellow Christians and non-Christians to have a Christian proactively forgive and desire a peaceful result in a conflict.

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