The Heart of Cross Cultural Everyday Peacemaking

Working cross-culturally, brings unique challenges (e.g. understanding how to navigate cultural differences in responding to conflict). This training will equip participants to know how to apply biblical principles to conflict when working cross-culturally.

This is a private event for members of SIM International. 

In these training sessions, you will:

  • gain powerful peacemaking principles and relational tools
  • understand the biblical foundations of peace and reconciliation
  • discover gracious ways to deal with difficult people
  • have time to reflect upon your personal experience of conflict and peacemaking
  • learn how you can begin supporting and building a culture of peace in your community/spheres of influence
  • discover opportunities to glorify God, serve others and grow to be like Christ, even in the midst of conflict
  • gain a deeper understanding of the role of the human heart in more serious conflict
  • discover a powerful tool to understand the drivers of your and others’ behaviours
  • become better equipped to respond well to challenging people and situations
  • engage further with principles of confession and forgiveness
  • more seriously explore the concept of a culture of peace and how  you can support it in your community/spheres of influence

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