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For students or teachers of online courses commenced or purchased before August 2022.

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For students or teachers of online courses commenced from August 2022, or for teachers of workbook courses.

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Minimum participants is 2 – i.e. one leader and one student.

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do your students have devices?

Yes? Then the Online (with device) course options are for you – with the best features and best value. If not, the Group Presentation (without device) courses are a great alternative to help grow peacemakers for life.

with devices - Online course

The Premium Online Version has the advantage of online interactive content plus the many additional features explained on this page.

Therefore we recommend that where students have their own devices, the Premium Online Version is best suited for

  • Schools
  • Home schools
  • Families


without devices - Presentation course

The Group Presentation Version is best suited for

  • Scripture in school (note that Courses 5 and 6 for Years 7-10 are SRE approved in NSW only)
  • Youth/church groups
  • Schools where not every child has access to a device, or where students do not have access to their own email address (which is needed for online access.)
First year of school - Year 2Years 3 - 10
Without a deviceWithout a deviceWith a device
Who uses the device?Group leader onlyGroup leader onlyGroup leader and every student
Key teaching videos (needs internet)Accessible by group leaderAccessible by group leaderViewable by students anytime
Comprehensive lesson plans with in-class activitiesYesYesYes
Student workbooksRequired purchase for Course 2 onlyYears 3-6: Workbooks availableYears 3-6: Workbooks available
Australian curriculum outcomes providedOnly in package for SchoolsOnly in package for SchoolsYes
Online learning quizzes, puzzles and activitiesNoNoYes
Extra stimulus videos and contentNoNoYes
Ability to access content outside classroomNoNoYes
Online forum for class discussionsNoNoYes
Track student progressNoNoYes
Online student journalNoNoYes
Group Leaders forumNoNoYes

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Hit one of the buttons below to get started – and please feel free to reach out to us if you need help.

For larger groups like schools, we highly recommend you contact us before you buy so we can help you pick the right courses and resources for your students.

We also have package pricing for whole of school purchases.


  • Which courses are SRE approved in NSW?

    Courses 5 and 6 (for Yrs 7 and 8 and Yrs 9 and 10) are SRE authorised by the Baptist Union of NSW and approved for use in State high schools in NSW by Generate.

    Note that no courses are “accredited” for Christian Religious Instruction in State schools in Queensland.

  • Do I need to have done the adult PeaceWise training to teach PeaceWiseKids or PeaceWiseYouth?

    This is not required – but it will help a lot!

    As you know, it’s not just a case of being familiar with the concepts – it’s also a case of applying them personally in your own life that makes a huge difference when teaching them to others – in this case, the students.

  • Can I have a PeaceWise training day at my school?


    Many schools choose to run our “Everyday Peacemaking for Schools” training day for the whole school to ensure all staff (including admin and other departments) are familiar with the principles and have seen their relevance and power in their own lives first, before teaching and modelling them to students.

    Training includes a dedicated section on running Peace WiseKids/PeaceWiseYouth within a school.