Changing Normal by Jolene Kinser

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Embark on a journey of personal and relational transformation through the pages of Changing Normal. Combining biblical peacemaking principles with the authentic voices of 31 Chinese Christians, this book uncovers the roots of interpersonal conflict, explores obstacles to reconciliation, and provides practical, biblically based action steps to create space for peace.

Jolene Kinser does not shirk away from challenging issues such as face, status, power, and cultural expectations which often perpetuate conflict among us. Instead, addressing each of these issues through examples of real-life stories, this book vividly guides the reader on a pathway to authenticity, peacemaking, and even reconciliation, unveiling the possibilities within every relationship.

Join thousands of others who have begun living out biblical peacemaking principles when responding to conflict in family, work, and church relationships. Experience the impact of changing your normal!

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