Course 7 – Being a peacemaker in a complex world

$19.90 inc. GST

Being a peacemaker in complex world is designed to teach biblical peacemaking alongside the hot topics young people aged 16 to 25 are facing. By understanding their personal worldview, and that of others, students will be equipped to be peacemakers in a complex world.

The course is purchased as a 12 month licence (aligned with the school year in the country of purchase).

This includes a reflective journal (included in the price per person) and access to the teaching resources (lesson plans, stimulus videos, curriculum outcomes, etc.) for each teacher.

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10% discount available for 100+ participants and 15% for 250+ participants. 

$19.90 inc. GST
$19.90 inc. GST



Target age: Ages 16 – 25 (Years 11-12 and beyond)

Being a peacemaker in a complex world includes:

–       Stimulus video (streamed online) including discussion questions

–       Teacher directed learning material

–       Personal reflective journal per student