what you need to know about the courses for Years 7-10

Help youth have better relationships and resolve conflict in a healthy way

PeaceWiseYouth is a Christian program that equips young people to deal with challenging relationships and conflict in healthy, constructive & life-changing ways. Every lesson begins with our engaging teaching videos – then you take over to teach the rest of the lesson using the material we provide. There are downloadable worksheets for Years 7-10 and you also have the option of accessing dynamic online content and features including quizzes, games and interactive activities.

course structure

Years 7-8

ages 12-14 | Course 5

Jacob and Charlotte work towards peace through teen conflict scenarios

Cartoon plus live action videos. Theme: Teen relational conflict stories

Years 9-10

ages 14-16 | Course 6

Tessa and Danny learn to to be peacemakers using the peacemaking pizza

Video presenters plus live action videos. Theme: Plants, growth, pizza 😉

wanting to teach primary school students?

wanting to teach older teens and young adults?

about our high school courses for Years 7-10

the basics

  • There are 15 lessons (topics) in each course
  • Each lesson includes 20-55 minutes of content
  • All courses are designed to be teacher or parent-directed (the “Group Leader”)
  • All courses begin with a key teaching video, and have extensive lesson plans and in class learning activities.
  • When teaching using the online premium course, allow around 10-15 minutes to complete the online part
  • All courses have additional teaching resources available for purchase, including posters and summary cards
  • All courses are purchased as a 12 month subscription you CAN teach a course over two school years for a single fee per user, but you still need to complete all teaching within 12 months of purchase. (eg; Terms 3 and 4 of Year 7, Terms 1 and 2 of Year 8 etc.)

your students will learn

understanding conflict


This is the WHAT part
Young people learn what conflict is, where it came from, and a basic framework they can use in any conflict situation

responding to conflict


This is the HOW part
Young people learn the principles, skills and tools needed to be peacemakers

peacemakers for life


This is the INSPIRATIONAL part
Young people learn that as they apply these principles, they can be bringing peace both into their own relationships and into the communities to which they belong

course delivery format

  • Courses 5 and 6 for Years 7-8 and 9-10 respectively are available EITHER
    • as the full Premium Online Version with supporting live learning activities to do in class OR
    • the Group Presentation Version which has the key teaching videos plus in class learning activities, but no online content.

should I choose the premium online or group presentation version?

The Premium Online Version provides the additional features of extensive online content, quizzes, puzzles and activities, as well as substantial additional in class learning activities

Therefore we recommend that where students have their own devices, the Premium Online Version is best suited for

  • Schools
  • Home schools
  • Families

And the Group Presentation Version is best suited for

  • Scripture in school (note that Courses 5 and 6 for Years 7-10 are SRE approved in NSW only)
  • Youth/church groups
  • Schools where not every child has access to a device, or where students do not have access to their own email address (which is needed for online access.)

Fun and varied interactive online course content

Our courses are all web-based and include interactive activities accessible on any device or browser. Courses include age-appropriate videos, animations, quizzes and more!

Personalised group forums

Teachers and students can interact directly in a private online forum designed to spark discussion and encourage each other in what you’re all learning.

Download lesson plans and activity worksheets

When you purchase any PeaceWiseKids or PeaceWiseYouth Course, you also gain access to offline activities and downloadable material to bring the discussion to life in group context away from the screens.

Collaborate with other group leaders

As a group leader, you also gain access to the exclusive Group Leaders’ forum so you can discuss and share ideas and learn from other teachers, parents and leaders and benefit from their experience!

Content is broken into three modules to allow flexible teaching options

All courses can be taught as part of Christian Studies, but have also been designed to map to Australian Curriculum descriptors spanning a wide range of subjects including Health and Physical Education, English, The Arts, HASS and Science/Maths.

Short, engaging stimulus videos

Each Course is supplied with 15 different age-appropriate videos to target the key learning for each topic.

Easy to follow lesson plans

These are only a few pages in length so teachers can prepare their lessons quickly. Videos are linked to the lesson plans. The Bible is referred to in each Topic. Numerous and varied in-class activities are provided.

Student worksheets

The Courses contain downloadable and printable worksheets for use in class or groups

Support materials for teachers/group leaders

Teachers and group leaders will be supplied with a document containing the rationale, overall framework, sensitive issues and more.

SRE approved course content + scope and sequence

Courses 5 and 6 (for Yrs 7-8 and Yrs 9-10) are SRE authorised by the Baptist Union of NSW and approved for use in State high schools in NSW by Generate. (Note that no courses are “accredited” for Christian Religious Instruction in State schools in Queensland.)

course content – hit the buttons for all the detail you could want!

All courses are mapped to Australian Curriculum outcomes, and have the same core underlying framework and topics.

This means those teaching the principles can share the same core concepts and tools across multiple age groups, and there is consistency of learning at all age levels.

For example, a school could run the program in both primary and high school, or across multiple year groups in either, and the children and staff will all be “on the same page” with what is being learned.

This brings the chance to help build a healthy relational “culture” with a community and facilitates a “whole of school” approach.

scope and sequence

This section provides scope and sequence information to help plan how to run PeaceWiseKids within a church context.

Here are all the scope and sequence documents for you to access!

  • because we know this is important, we’ve included a full scope and sequence for every course – you can click them below.
  • note that you need to allow enough time to get through the course – most teach it over a minimum two terms

what are the options for teaching a particular course over two years?

you can go deeper with a year group which has done the content in the prior year by using:

  • the core teaching videos
  • extra in-class activities available within the relevant lesson plan that are earmarked for this purpose and
  • any in-class activities not used from prior lessons

Australian curriculum outcomes for schools

All courses can be taught as part of Christian Studies, but have also been designed to map to Australian Curriculum descriptors spanning a wide range of subjects including Health and Physical Education, English, The Arts, HASS and Science/Maths.

The documents below are the Course Outcomes mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

get started

Hit one of the buttons below to get started – and please feel free to reach out to us if you need help.

For larger groups like schools, we highly recommend you contact us before you buy so we can help you pick the right courses and resources for your students.

We also have package pricing for whole of school purchases.


  • Which courses are SRE approved in NSW?

    Courses 5 and 6 (for Yrs 7 and 8 and Yrs 9 and 10) are SRE authorised by the Baptist Union of NSW and approved for use in State high schools in NSW by Generate.

    Note that no courses are “accredited” for Christian Religious Instruction in State schools in Queensland.

  • Do I need to have done the adult PeaceWise training to teach PeaceWiseKids or PeaceWiseYouth?

    This is not required – but it will help a lot!

    As you know, it’s not just a case of being familiar with the concepts – it’s also a case of applying them personally in your own life that makes a huge difference when teaching them to others – in this case, the students.

  • Can I have a PeaceWise training day at my school?


    Many schools choose to run our “Everyday Peacemaking for Schools” training day for the whole school to ensure all staff (including admin and other departments) are familiar with the principles and have seen their relevance and power in their own lives first, before teaching and modelling them to students.

    Training includes a dedicated section on running Peace WiseKids/PeaceWiseYouth within a school.